Make A Girl Orgasm Harder Than She Could Ever Imagine

There are many different strategies on how to make a girl orgasm. However, I found one sure fire step by step process that works every time. I stopped wasting my time trying everything else. If you do this you will never fail to get her off.

Start Slowly

The easiest way to make a girl orgasm is to slow down, take your time, and create tension. You need to take your time building a fire within the girl and she’ll start becoming more and more aroused.

Girls absolutely hate being touched sexually without first being warmed up a bit. Put in your time kissing and softly caressing her.

A slow approach works best because the girl begins to imagine what is to come next. A woman’s thoughts are powerful things. Once her imagination gets going, she’ll stay in her own fantasy land, and your work in reality will be much easier.


If you are trying to make a girl orgasm by fingering her, the best thing to do is start by alternating soft caresses and hard grabs of her inner thigh. Never go directly for the vagina. Slowly inch your way towards the main goal.

Play with her underwear and stroke her vagina only momentarily before returning your attention to other areas. By the time you’re getting ready to penetrate her, she’ll be begging you for it.

Tongue Use

The same rules apply for going down on a girl. Start by licking her inner thigh (not like a dog) sexually. Don’t go immediately for clitoris because this is the payoff area. Start by tonguing her vagina and creeping closer and closer to the clitoris.

By this point she’ll probably start pushing her pelvis into your face. She wants you go after the clitoris. Give it a little bit of time though. You really want to build it up.

Now its time to start softly stroking her clitoris with your tongue. Go slow in the beginning. As she gets more and more in to it, and more and more wet, then you can begin to work faster with your tongue. Keep pressure on the clitoris and work in an up/down fashion. You can swirl occasionally, but the up/down technique is the best.


The key to making a girl orgasm is to always remain calm and work slowly. Sexual tension is created by slow, deliberate, movements. If you rush it, the girls mind has no time to imagine the pleasure awaiting her. You will have blown it before you even got started.

Here’s a resource that will show you how to be the man in the bedroom and become the best lover possible. It’s a great resource and I highly recommend it: Lick by Lick by Michael Webb.


54 Responses

  1. That was very helpful! I tried it on my gf and she said that was the best orgasm she ever had!

  2. Awesome advice I can verify it works very well.

  3. This sounds like good advice, I will try it next time I am with my girl. Don’t let me down!

  4. great stuff but my gf squirted all over my face lol

    • hey jason, send your girl this way!

    • thats the best part!

  5. I hope this works. Cause I’m about to finger my girlfriend tomorrow. Ha I can’t wait

  6. Hey John, how’d it go?

  7. does your tongue have to go in her?

  8. does your tongue have to go inside her?

    • yes u do

  9. i did this an all i herd was screaming up and down with the thigh and fuckin squirt

    • DUH!!! Do you think you might have actually done something right dumb ass!!!!!!!!

  10. I’m glad it’s working for everyone!

  11. man i did every thing on this article and she had 3 orgasms and after she gave me a blowjob

  12. thanks this is usefull stuff

  13. Yo does this actually work

  14. nice tips…

  15. @ Kenny – It seems to be working well for everyone else. Give it a try.

  16. god i’m nervous, i’m going to finger my gf and lick her out on friday, first time, i’ll just remember to go slow 😉

  17. its shit hot.
    do it :L


  19. i works

  20. Best!

  21. My girl was so fukin wet that she asked me to likcker more and started stroking my hair then after about 7 mins she squiterd every were and were only 15 grat advice m8 lukin forward to next friday coz she asked for SEX!!:) all thnks to u mate hope she dont become pregnate…

    • hey dumbass its called a condom. Been around for like 200 years.

  22. MY boyfriend has been trying to get me to squirt and have huge orgasms lately. When we read this, he immediately started feeling up my leg… mmm, it felt good. Sent shivers down my spine. We’ll try everything tonight. Good advice though. It definatly works.

  23. man! thanks so much this works! my girl came like 4 times then we fucked! hahahaha! what a great night.

  24. Thank you when I did this to my girl she went nuts and started to scream her head off then she squirted and gave me one hell of a blowjob

  25. WTF, I have to give this a go, my girl has never had an orgasm with any body.

  26. Yes boys.. this IS the way to do it!! I am 23 and have been in a committed relationship for 7yrs now. SLOW is the way to GO! All the built up tension makes us beg for penetration ; )

  27. just have a biger dick then she’s had befor and it sure to work


  29. I actually took notes on this and i just had sex for the first time i did it step by step as shown above and my girlfriend wanted to keed going forever it realy works its realy helpful and since it was her first time too she said it was A M A Z I N G!!!! Thanks

  30. thanks im going to try it my gf is still a virgin and well im going to have fun no matter what and i hope that this works though
    cuz if it dose then i will have more fun and so will she. Dont let me down.

  31. oh my god man this is amazing but i unfortunetly stuck a cheeky finger in my girls bum bum and she shit. but she said it felt good. so thanks for the advice

  32. I hope this really works. Im 18 & a virgin. Ive been with my boyfriend for over 3 years & I have yet to come. He staying over this weekend & I want to try it out. I just hope its not a waste of time! lolSz

  33. All of you people are fucking retarded.
    You should naturally know how to get a bitch horny.
    Maybe im just a fucking pussy pro (:

  34. Oh my god you little boys are so funny! This is good advice but it is hilarious that you guys got ALL of these girls to “squirt”. First of all, only maybe 1 in 20 girls can squirt and its from fucking only. You have to have a dick in you to squirt and its not even an intense orgasm like you would think. The most intense orgasm comes from the clitoris. And making a girl cum from oral takes practice, practice, practice. I doubt you can make a girl cum the first time. I’m 27, have been with my share of dudes and only two of them could make me cum with their tongues… Try a vibrator.. she will love you forever and now THAT is a sure thing. And no don’t stick your tongue in her pussy, it doesn’t feel like much, just lick the clit, and pull her vulva out to the sides so you can really get to it! And FYI most girls fake it especially at your age.

    Woah I just went off! Hope that helps 😉

  35. From all the comments, I can see this is a sure fire way to make my girlfriend happy (: I’ll try it tonight, thank you (: I’ve been looking for a way to give her better orgasims, and now i have it. Thanks mate!

  36. hi

    how do i tell my lover that i am not satisfied without embarassing him?most times i dont reach orgasm that i am no longer interested in sex.pliz help me before i look for someone to satisfy me in bed.

    • ill make u come angela just live a comment if you want some im 21 but u be surprise 😉

  37. she shit the bed 😮

  38. My boyfriend tried this (im 15) but he messed it up . How do I tell him without embarrassing him ? Annd does anyone wanna give it go ? My legs are open have Funn(:

    • Can I give it a try? Where do you live?


    • Fuck it sure

  39. […] Make A Girl Orgasm … more and more aroused. Girls … the girl begins to imagine what is to come next. A woman’s thoughts are powerful things. Once her … to make a girl orgasm by fingering her … […]

  40. Haha about the guy saying we should NATURALLY know how to make girls horny… I guess I’m one of those guys too, first time I went down on a girl this is EXACTLY what I did. Once I started licking her clitoris, she orgasm’d within about 2 minutes. And I know she wasn’t faking it… she actually told me to stop because it was way too intense for her, she had never orgasm’d before – even with a vibrator. I made her orgasm like 3 more times that night. I AM A NATURAL. Oh yeah, and, that technique above works, for you guys who need directions. I just trust my instincts though.

  41. the advice is effective for me.tnx my gf really like to have sex with me because of that,. you know guys the best sex position is dogstyle,because girls want deep penetration and fast.

  42. I’m gonna try this on my girlfriend 😉

  43. how to squirt…

    […]Make A Girl Orgasm Harder Than She Could Ever Imagine « How To Make A Girl Orgasm[…]…

  44. Everything I tried solo hasn’t worked 😦 I need a partner for this job!

  45. My babys dad and i have been together 7 years weve tried alot of techniques im 19 i have nerver experienced an orgasm when im at the point to where i feel so good my.body jusy like stops or idk and cant im probably too young or cant idk but i need tips om how plus my babys dad isnt the romantic type hes typical macho mexican

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